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A Quick Guide to Technical Proficiency in Heat Treatment & Metallurgy


This condensed yet comprehensive guide explains important heat-treat terminology, the basic metallurgy of thermal processing, and explores stainless and tool-steel heat treatment to help obtain the optimum performance from every step of the process – including stress relief, preheating, austenitizing, quenching and tempering.

The leading information source for professionals interested in thermal-processing technology, Industrial Heating brings you this excerpt from their “Comprehensive Guide to Heat Treatment, Vol. 2” by Dan Herring. Dan Herring (retired) is president of THE HERRING GROUP Inc., and is also a research associate professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology/Thermal Processing Technology Center.


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Industrial Heating is the world's largest and most comprehensive integrated-media resource focusing on high-temperature thermal-processing technology, heat treatment and metallurgy. Focused on thermal processes for ferrous and nonferrous materials that are used in a variety of industries, we cover topics like:

  • Ceramics & Refractories/Insulation
  • Combustion & Burners
  • Heat & Corrosion Resistant Composites/Materials
  • Induction Heat Treating
  • Industrial Gases & Atmospheres
  • Materials Characterization & Testing
  • Melting/Forming/Joining
  • Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Sintering/Powder Metallurgy
  • Vacuum/Surface Treatments