Safety in the workplace regarding heat treatment connects each and every person who works in either a captive or a commercial shop. We all have an obligation to one another to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries (no matter how minimal or extensive that injury might be). 



Housekeeping is a relatively easy subject to address. It is strongly suggested, especially when dealing with salt baths, that you consider a daily routine for floor cleaning. The following should also be considered: 

  • Demarcation lines should be painted around furnace equipment, stacking areas for baskets and trays, and unload areas.
  • Demarcation lines should be painted around process-enrichment gas bottles.
  • Demarcation lines should be painted around external bulk gas storage areas for easy access for de-livery vehicles.
  • Define the receiving area as a dispatch/pickup area.
  • When operating salt baths, ensure that the salt storage area is very secure and under lock and key.
  • Quenching mediums should be stored in a secure area and (if quenching oil) well away from any heat source.
  • All “No Entry” and “Emergency Exit” signs should be clearly identified, including notices to follow to the nearest emergency exit.


Fig. 1 shows two areas that this blog will address.