The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is accepting comments from supporters of the 25% and 7.5% tariffs on Chinese imports on whether to continue the Section 301 action. If USTR receives a request for continuation, as is expected, it will conduct a full review of the tariff actions where opponents and supporters of individual tariffs can weigh in.

In 2018, former President Trump imposed tariffs on four lists of imports from China. List 1, 2 and 3 have 6,847 Chinese items subject to a 25% tariff, with List 4a having 7.5% tariff rate on 3,233 imports. Companies who want to see the tariffs continued must file comments to USTR by July 5 for List 1 and August 22 for List 2; USTR is accepting comments for List 3 and 4a on both portals. After this initial phase, USTR will conduct a full review likely in the fall, with sources indicating the Biden administration may lift tariffs on some consumer goods in hopes to lower inflation.

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