President Joe Biden is marking the anniversary of his first year in office having the second-lowest approval rating of any Oval Office holder since World War II. Many political insiders blame the President’s popularity challenges more on poor messaging and high expectations than lack of legislative accomplishments. Some are arguing he should focus on the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now being implemented and its benefits for the average voter. Instead, this White House spent the past two months pressing forward on polarizing legislative proposals doomed to fail.

Democrats are coming to the obvious realization that they simply do not have the votes for their $1.8 trillion Build Back Better bill due to internal party opposition. We are hearing that they are preparing to split up that larger measure into smaller legislation on paid leave, child tax credit and other priorities that they believe could pass into law. President Biden is giving his first State of the Union address on March 1, which provides Democrats extra time to reconcile their internal disagreement and deliver the party a much-needed win in this difficult midterm election year.

With only 13 legislative days in the U.S. House between now and March 1, time is running out.