David Pye's blog series on hardness testing continues ... and concludes with part 11.

Shore Scleroscope

The Shore scleroscope is a “vintage” method of hardness testing. It simply relies on the height of bounce of a standard hardened steel ball dropped from a specific height. Then the height of the rebound is measured. The height of the rebound indicates the hardness of the component.

Pencil Rebound Electronic Rebound Test Unit

The pencil MUST always be in the vertical position or any reading can be obtained, which is perhaps not the true reading. The unit is not always used in a production environment but more in a “field” operation investigation. In production, it can be used to test the hardness of very large components that could not be brought to the Rockwell machine.

We have reached the conclusion of this presentation of harness testing. Much more can be written about the subject, which is a subject of great interest to both the practitioner of heat-treatment processing and the engineer. Hopefully, you want to study the subject much further than what has been discussed in this presentation.