Nitrex successfully commissioned two nitriding systems for Alumil S.A., an extrusion company and producer of architectural systems based in Greece. Alumil recently started up two pit-type nitriding systems installed at separate locations. The first system, which has a 3-ton load capacity, is operational at Alumil’s facility in Greece. The second system, which has a 1.2-ton load capacity, is located at the company’s operation in Serbia. The turnkey solution provided by Nitrex includes Nitreg technology. In anticipation of Alumil’s plans to expand manufacturing capacities in Greece, the system installed at this location has been sized up to accommodate future growth.

The decision to invest in Nitrex nitriding systems stemmed from Alumil’s need to replace outdated in-house nitriding equipment. Since the existing nitriders could not be upgraded, there were efficiency issues such as inconsistencies in nitriding uniformity and high gas consumption. The nitriding system in Serbia was installed in October 2022, followed by the installation in Greece in November 2022.