SECO/WARWICK received an order from a manufacturer of wind power plants for a vertical vacuum furnace designed to perform low-pressure carburizing for the gearboxes. The solution on order combines the advantages of two technologies: atmospheric and vacuum processing. A very large, vertical heating chamber makes low-pressure carburizing of oversized parts possible, while the furnace pit structure saves space in the company’s production facility.

According to SECO/WARWICK, the ability to open the furnace at process temperature at the end of the cycle is its main advantage. Combining atmospheric furnace technology implemented within a vacuum furnace offers elimination of the oxidation effect at the grain boundary, process purity and heating uniformity. The furnace solves the problem of high energy and process gas consumption by the manufacturer’s old furnaces and shortens the carburizing process, which significantly improves efficiency and production costs.

“The Pit-LPC technology is a modern alternative to atmosphere carburizing. Its main advantage is the ability to carry out efficient and effective carburizing in a much shorter time than in atmospheric furnaces,” said Maciej Korecki, vice president of SECO/WARWICK Group’s Vacuum Segment. “The vacuum processing solution provides more than twice the productivity, and consequently lower process costs and a quick investment return. This technology increases the safety for users because it does not involve explosive and flammable gases, and LPC eliminates direct CO₂ emissions from the carburizing atmosphere.”