PMS Alüminyum, an aluminum extrusion company in Turkey, added a Nitrex nitriding system to enhance its production capabilities and meet the increasing demand for high-quality profiles across multiple industries. The pit-type furnace, which is equipped with Nitreg controlled nitriding and Nitreg-C controlled nitrocarburizing technologies, provides PMS Alüminyum with advanced capabilities for processing H11 and H13 dies. Using these technologies and customized recipes ensures superior performance and extended lifespan of the treated dies, ultimately resulting in high-quality extrusion products.

The installation of the Nitrex system took place in November 2022 as part of a comprehensive project to expand PMS Alüminyum’s manufacturing footprint. The company made the decision to bring nitriding operations in-house and constructed a new facility for the turnkey system, extrusion press and powder-coating lines. Previously outsourcing this process, PMS Alüminyum recognized the advantages of streamlined logistics coordination, improved availability of ready-to-use dies and faster turnaround times.