Tenova will supply an electric-arc furnace (EAF) equipped with a continuous scrap charging system and an electromagnetic stirring system to Posco for its Gwangyang plant in South Korea. The South Korean steelmaker, which produced approximately 43 million tons of steel in 2022, is gradually converting from the BF-BOF route toward electric steelmaking. After a two-year process of co-engineering and competitive comparison, Posco selected a full-platform EAF from Tenova capable of tapping 280 tons of liquid steel. The new EAF will be uniquely designed to match Posco’s needs of quality, productivity and efficiency and will include a full set of robotic applications and enhanced safety solutions.

The EAF, which will be merged with the stream of liquid iron produced by the existing blast furnaces, will be installed in a dedicated new section of the Gwangyang plant and is scheduled to enter production by the end of 2025.

Posco produces a range of high-quality steel, including interstitial-free grades for the automotive industry and electric steel grades required by providers of electrical mobility and green power-generation solutions.