Lindberg/MPH built and shipped an electrically heated, full muffle, mesh-belt conveyor furnace that will be used for treating pressed powdered material. The furnace is designed for applications with a maximum process temperature of 1832°F (1000°C) that utilize a nitrogen or clean, dry filtered-air process atmosphere. The unit is configured with nine temperature control zones and includes a water-cooling section. The conveyor system features a 14-inch-wide mesh belt with belt stop alarm to provide an audible and visual indication in case of a conveyor stoppage.

There are purge chambers at the entrance and exit of the furnace. In these chambers, purge gas flows from perforated plenum chambers above and below the belt and exhaust stacks, and adjustable butterfly valves are located at the inner ends of each chamber. Load and unload tables at the entrance and exit of the conveyor provide ease of product transfer.

The furnace zone temperatures are controlled by Eurotherm controllers that have advanced PID control with variable overshoot inhibition. A high-limit controller guards against over-temperature conditions in each zone of temperature control.  A visual and audible alert and removal of power to the heating element occur in the event the monitor temperature exceeds a desired setpoint.