The CSvision series of ratio pyrometers can measure the temperature of metals, melts or ceramics non-contact, safely and reliably from different distances. With a range of 300-3000°C, CSvision is equipped with Smart Ratio Mode (SRM) and can master chal-lenging applications with variable emissivity ratios. The built-in video sight and motorized focus, which can be operated via software or app, allow the CSvision to focus very con-veniently on the respective object. A switchable two-stage brightness reduction filter en-sures optimum viewing conditions even with very hot and bright objects. Together with a crosshair laser, this ensures simple sensor alignment under all conditions. The CSvision R1M offers an optical resolution of up to 150:1 and a measuring range of 600-3000°C in harsh industrial environments. The R2M has an optical resolution of 75:1 and a measur-ing range of 300-1400°C.