The SECO/WARWICK Group will deliver two universal batch CAB furnaces and a CAB continuous line to Australia’s PWR Advanced Cooling Technology. The furnaces will be used for brazing aluminum heat exchangers. The three solutions on order will go to two continents, Australia and North America, both owned and operated by PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, which specializes in the production of heat exchangers. The current contract is the third purchase of technologies from SECO/WARWICK designed to meet the production challenges related to the brazing process.

Two furnaces, the continuous CAB line and one universal batch CAB furnace, will be delivered to production plants in Australia. The second chamber furnace will be delivered at the same time to the U.S. branch of PWR, C&R Racing Inc. SECO/WARWICK in Poland is responsible for the chamber furnace supply, while the continuous CAB line will be delivered by the group’s branch in China. 

The universal batch CAB furnace meets the requirements for protective-atmosphere aluminum brazing technology. It allows users to braze products in a horizontal or vertical position and works well in the production of plate-and-bar and tube-and-fin heat exchangers. This type of batch furnace guarantees short-series production of heat exchangers while maintaining high quality and technological parameters. It also ensures high atmosphere quality, which translates into the brazed element quality. 

The continuous CAB line for brazing in protective atmosphere will be used at PWR Advanced Cooling Technology’s Australia plant for mass production of various heat exchangers. The line is fully automated.