Nitrex delivered a pit nitriding furnace to Arslan Aluminyum, a Turkish aluminum producer. The company recently added three new extrusion presses, which increased the demand for nitriding dies and necessitated a large-capacity nitriding system for the biggest press. The Nitrex furnace is designed to treat workloads up to 4,400 pounds (2,000 kg) that are 39 inches (1,000 mm) in diameter and 59 inches (1,500 mm) high. The heavy-duty furnace incorporates multiple controlled heating zones for optimal temperature uniformity inside the retort. It is made to quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the load. Arslan uses the system to nitride H11 and H13 dies that extrude aluminum profiles.

In related news, Nitrex delivered a turnkey nitriding system to Saglam Metal, a Turkish commercial heat-treating company. With this new addition, Saglam Metal can now offer controlled nitriding, nitrocarburizing and post-oxidation treatments for a wide range of applications. The system includes a pit-type furnace with a 5,500-pound (2,500-kg) load capacity and technologies for controlled gas nitriding, controlled nitrocarburizing and in-process post-oxidation. These process technologies enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of treated parts. Saglam Metal will use the system to nitride and nitrocarburize a variety of parts and materials for the automotive, tooling and other manufacturing industries.