Tenova will supply an electric-arc furnace (EAF) with a production capacity of 950,000 tons of liquid steel for seamless pipe manufacturing to Tenaris’ Campana mill in Argentina. The EAF, which is equipped with Consteel technology and electromagnetic stirrer Consteerrer, will replace one of two existing EAF units and result in the same productivity of the two existing EAFs combined. In addition to the Consteel EAF, Tenova will provide engineering services.

The project has been designed to minimize Tenaris’ overall investment by keeping the existing facilities and plants, in addition to enhancing the technological solutions of the one existing EAF remaining, in operation. Due to the design of the Consteel technology, the current fume-treatment plant will continue to be used without any significant changes. The water-treatment system will also not require any modifications. The layout of the Consteel conveyor will fit the existing facilities, and the new EAF will keep the same charging mix from the existing furnace.

Consteerrer technology is an electromagnetic stirring system developed through a worldwide partnership with ABB. The Consteerrer enhances the Consteel Evolution process with ABB’s non-contact electromagnetic stirring of the furnace’s liquid bath and can be customized to match the needs of different EAF process steps.