A U.S.-based international manufacturer of diversified mill products for a range of industries ordered a vertical vacuum furnace from SECO/VACUUM to increase its production capacity and upgrade its productivity. The new furnace will allow the company to heat treat larger parts, at higher quantities per cycle, than its existing furnace – all with improved quality control and reliability. The bottom-loading vacuum furnace with 6-bar nitrogen gas quench is 60 inches in diameter and 72 inches tall with a 3-ton-capacity work zone. This provides enough room to treat three of the company’s largest dies at once compared to only two per cycle with the old furnace.

The Vector is also equipped with convection heating, which allows the company to run its tempering cycle in the same furnace without having to move parts after hardening. Three temperature control zones and heating elements in the ceiling and in the bottom ensure temperature uniformity of +/- 10°F. The 6-bar nitrogen quench system with cooling nozzles located 360-degrees around the load, combined with a rotary-hearth drive, serve to ensure fast, uniform cooling to minimize out-of-roundness distortions. The furnace is also equipped with SECO/WARWICK’s FineCarb low-pressure carburizing system for future process developments.