SECO/WARWICK received an order from a China-based manufacturer of circuit breakers for three vacuum furnaces to be used metal heat treatment. The furnaces ensure a very high vacuum level and temperature uniformity within the entire load. The vacuum level in the furnace is maintained by vacuum pumps. Depending on the application, a single pump or a combination of mechanical, diffusion and/or turbomolecular pumps are used. The turbomolecular pump used in this application features high degassing velocity in the particle flow area and a high compression ratio. It also uses less energy than diffusion pumps.

“A high-vacuum brazing system consisting of three Vector furnaces will be delivered to the Chinese manufacturer of electrical relays and switches,” said Maciej Korecki, vice president of the Vacuum Furnace Segment in SECO/WARWICK Group. “Circuit breakers need a high level of vacuum and temperature uniformity. They are brazed in vacuum furnaces in a very high vacuum. Therefore, it was necessary to use an efficient pumping system consisting of a turbomolecular pump and a dry pump.”

In 2017, this electrical equipment manufacturer purchased two SECO/WARWICK furnaces for the first time.