Wisconsin Oven Corp. designed, built and shipped an electrically heated conveyor oven with forced air cool-down to an automotive manufacturer. The oven will be used for tempering automotive parts and features a chain-style conveyor system with vertical pins. It has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F (260°C) and interior chamber dimensions of 3 feet, 6 inches wide x 20 feet, 10 inches long x 9 inches high. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±2.5°C at 163°C was documented with a temperature uniformity test. The recirculation system is designed with a top-down, bottom-up airflow configuration.

The conveyor system is a continuous chain style that includes vertical pins attached to four chains to uniformly carry the parts as they are transferred through the oven. The parts are loaded onto the chain conveyor and transported through the heating and cool-down zones. The parts automatically fall off the exit end of the oven and roll into a chute, where they are removed by a robot. The parts are automatically scanned while being loaded onto the conveyor, and the system validates that the correct part is being loaded. It then gives the part a pass/fail regarding heating time and temperature.

“This conveyor oven was designed with high-velocity impingement air nozzles for rapid, uniform heating and optimal part results,” said Mike Grande, Wisconsin Oven’s vice president of sales.