Delta H manufactured and supplied twin convection furnace systems to Winston Heat Treating of Dayton, Ohio. The SCAHT-HD series furnaces replaced older tempering systems that were extremely difficult to qualify to Class 5 (+/-25°F). The furnaces had to be heavy duty for rugged daily use in a commercial heat-treating facility. Another challenging design aspect was the ability to heat rapidly but cool just as fast without damage to interior metal. A load heat treated at 1000°F (538°C) could be quickly followed by the next at 300°F (149°C). The result is that the Delta H furnaces can heat and cool in a fraction of the time of the previous systems.  

Pyrometry expert Andrew Bassett of Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry (ATP) recommended the acquisition of Delta H furnaces as “the easiest furnace brand to qualify and maintain for aerospace pyrometry compliance for this specific application.” ATP independently demonstrated both systems as capable of passing Class 1 uniformity (+/-5°F) throughout the operating temperature range but qualified them as Class 2 (+/-10°F) from 300°F to 1200°F. Both are set up with instrumentation Type B and feature two load thermocouples.     

The furnaces feature a guaranteed certified TUS volume of 2 feet wide x 1.5 feet high x 2 feet deep with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1200°F (650°C). Both are designed to receive baskets of parts from several nearby heat-treating operations for secondary heat treatments. Temperature control and data acquisition are provided by Super Systems and feature the SSi 9130 controller/programmer.