Hotwork USA joined Munich, Germany-based Robur Industry Service Group as of December 2022. Hotwork USA specializes in refractory dryout and other furnace services utilizing proprietary equipment. The Lexington, Ky.-based company is partnering with Robur companies Excelsius and Fios to service clients with industrial furnaces. The move gives Robur Industry Service a truly global approach in furnace service offerings for clients in the metals, glass, cement and hydrocarbon industries.

“The metals, glass, cement and hydrocarbon industries are truly global industries, and we are facing the challenge of offering a state-of-the-art global capability for our clients. Together with Robur and our now sister companies Excelsius and Fios, we are strengthening our global offering for industrial furnaces,” said Justin Jones, vice president of Hotwork USA.

“Robur gives us the platform to grow further, providing additional resources while at the same time keeping the structure, processes, team and management in place that our clients and colleagues have appreciated and valued,” said Tom Graham, president and CEO of Hotwork USA.

Founded in 2015, Robur consists of 27 companies that provide a range of industrial services to a global client base.