A DRI (direct reduced iron) smelting furnace has been launched to substitute blast fur-naces used in ironmaking and steelmaking. It is one of Metso Outotec’s solutions for decarbonization of the iron and steel industry. According to the manufacturer, the DRI smelting furnace enables the use of easily available blast-furnace-grade iron ore instead of DRI-grade iron ore by managing bigger slag volumes than what scrap melting electricarc furnaces (EAFs) are capable of managing. The furnace provides benefits including: flexible for any DRI feed; high productivity with a capacity above 1.2 million tpa; continuous production of hot metal with high availability and long campaign life; capable of handling large slag volumes; possibility to change slag chemistry to achieve high iron yields and good-quality slag; minimal changes to existing steel plant; and furnace off-gas can be used as energy or in a carbon-capture and storage process.