Hirschvogel Group, a manufacturer of steel and aluminum components, commissioned a new heat-treatment plant with electric heating at its main plant in Denklingen, Germany. This fully automatic chamber furnace line is key to Hirschvogel’s decarbonization strategy because the heating is CO2-neutral. Designed and supplied by Aichelin, the double continuous chamber furnace line ensures high output with maximum flexibility. It includes pre- and post-cleaning systems, a preheating furnace, two high-temperature furnaces, two tempering furnaces and two endothermic gas generators.

The entire plant is controlled fully automatically and can therefore be operated with minimum staff. In addition, Aichelin’s FOCOS 4.0 process control system contributes to optimal operation by assisting in the creation of heat-treatment programs. FOCOS 4.0 then communicates these to the process controllers and issues a tamper-proof heat-treatment certificate. Specially developed band heating elements with up to 22.2-kW power per element are used to transmit the required 340-kW heating power per system.