Abbott Furnace Company has partnered with Obsidian Technical Group for sales and service support across much of the eastern United States. Obsidian is a privately held company founded by brothers Eric and Jason Jossart, who previously owned Atmosphere Engineering, a product and systems manufacturer in the heat-treating industry. They are now leveraging their industry knowledge and relationships to support manufacturers and customers.

Abbott purchased their first Atmosphere Engineering product in 2007. Eric and Jason sold Atmosphere Engineering in 2017. Obsidian launched in 2022 to help heat treaters stay up-to-date and operational by providing a range of services, including product introduction, training, technical support, installation and equipment upgrades.

Dustin Yetzer, Abbott technical sales manager, said, “Eric and Jason have always supported Abbott wherever they were. They participated in our annual symposiums, sold us our first endothermic gas generator flow control system and helped us with several projects over the years.”