Aluplast-ZTG, an Altest company, recently purchased a second Nitrex nitriding system. The Bulgarian aluminum extruder experienced a manufacturing boost after installing new extrusion presses to meet customer demand for its extrusion profiles. The first nitriding furnace, a compact model, had been in operation since 2011. The second furnace is the same as the first one but larger. It is capable of processing a load of extrusion dies weighing up to 1,300 pounds (600 kg). The furnace, which started up in the fourth quarter of 2021, is specially designed for nitriding H11 and H13 steel extrusion dies.

The nitriding system includes remote access software and complies with the AMS 2759/10 standard for controlled nitriding as well as the AMS 2750 standard for pyrometry and temperature distribution. It is also equipped with an ammonia sensor for leak detection and an ammonia filter to purify the supply gas used in the process by eliminating any oil content.