Wisconsin Oven Corp. shipped a continuous conveyor furnace to a firearms manufacturer. The oven will be used for heat treating aluminum parts prior to quenching. The furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1110°F (600°C) and interior chamber dimensions of 4 feet, 2 inches wide x 30 feet long x 1 foot high. It includes 8-inch-thick plate construction and two zones of control. The parts are manually loaded onto the flat wire belt conveyor and transported through both zones of the oven. The recirculation system utilizes two 56,000-CFM blowers for a total of 112,000 CFM. The part heat-up and soak times were verified with temperature uniformity survey to guarantee the parts were within +/-10°F for 15 minutes.

The belt conveyor furnace is equipped with the DataSense Technologies’ IoT-based performance monitoring system. This system collects information from predictive-maintenance sensors to track the performance and health of a variety of components and conditions on the equipment. Thresholds are set around alarm conditions to notify Wisconsin Oven’s service team.

According to Wisconsin Oven, the furnace was designed to sit at an incline, which allows for the quench tank to fit under the conveyor discharge end.