Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. has been contracted to engineer and commission a continuous quench-and-temper furnace system for a North American manufacturer of mining, construction and material-handling products. This equipment will be part of an automated manufacturing cell and will be fed automatically from upstream handling equipment. Special considerations have been made to precisely control the quench temperature to reduce hardness variations and improve overall part quality. The multi-zone belt-style temper furnace employs high-efficiency, natural-gas-fired heating and recirculation systems, which have been proven to provide superior temperature uniformity in demanding applications. Can-Eng’s engineered control system, which controls and monitors the equipment, utilizes an Allen Bradly PLC and HMI. 

The equipment is part of a large plant expansion and an initiative to bring foreign outsourced manufacturing in-house. The order was made not only to improve part quality but also to help eliminate overall shipping costs and reduce supply-chain issues.