Oetzbach Edelstahl, a hardening plant in Germany that provides heat-treatment services, purchased a vacuum furnace from SECO/WARWICK. The medium-sized furnace is the third from SECO/WARWICK to be delivered to this facility. Vector technology allows the user to perform a range of processes from hardening through carburizing, nitriding and cryogenic freezing. The furnace, which has a heating-chamber size of 600 x 600 x 900 mm, enables the efficient heat treatment of tool and machine parts.

The furnace ordered by the Oetzbach Edelstahl will be installed in the German company’s machine park. It is distinguished by directional cooling, which allows for dynamic hardening. The furnace is equipped with options for carburizing and vacuum nitriding, which allows the system to carry out precise processes that increase the steel surface hardness during the thermal and chemical treatment processes. An additional function is the liquid-nitrogen cryogenic freezing system, which improves the part dimensional accuracy and increases the part hardness with the potential to cool the load down to -80°C. The furnace produces clean, homogeneous parts of high quality with repeatable accuracy that do not oxidize.