St. Louis-based structural steel fabricator Atlas Iron Works celebrated its 100th anniversary. The family-owned company has produced and shipped steel for use in over 20,000 structures across the country for a variety of industries.

Atlas Iron Works specializes in structural steel fabrication (beams, columns, posts, girders, anchor bolts, steel decking, joists), engineering, fabrication, industrial platforms, and erector services. With the fourth generation at the helm, the company is pushing toward the future. Atlas is focused on streamlining processes, introducing new technology, expanding its product and service offerings nationwide and building partnerships with other fabricators in the area.

At the start of World War II in 1939, Atlas combined its facilities, workers and equipment with 11 other steel fabricators in the St. Louis area to provide mass fabrication of structural steel and miscellaneous iron work for the nation’s rapidly expanding war program. The company – founded in 1922 by Otto Klein, Bill Smith, Charles Galt and Arthur Koppen – would continue to support the troops throughout WWII by fabricating bulkheads for amphibious landing craft and building the steel hull for the battleship USS Missouri.