Lindberg/MPH built and shipped a gas-fired cyclone box furnace to a manufacturer. The heat-treat furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F and a load capacity of 6,000 pounds. It is designed for air atmosphere applications and utilizes a high-velocity forced heating system. A circulation fan provides optimum heat distribution by delivering heat evenly throughout the work chamber through high static pressure airflow. The furnace is designed to accept fixtures that are 48 inches wide x 84 inches deep x 48 inches high, and a full-width roller hearth is located across the furnace chamber floor for manual loading and load support.

Temperature is controlled by a Honeywell DC2500 Series controller that includes an adjustable alarm setpoint and latching output relay. The high-limit controller provides over-temperature protection and disconnects the power to the heating elements and sounds an audible alarm in the event that temperature exceeds the desired setpoint. 

“The high-velocity forced heating system circulates heat evenly within the furnace chamber, which assures rapid and uniform heat transfer throughout the workload,” said Bill St. Thomas, Lindberg/MPH business development manager.