Primetals Technologies received the final acceptance certificate (FAC) from Gerdau Special Steel North America, a manufacturer of special steel bars, for the modernization of its electric steel plant in Monroe, Mich. The project included modernizing the existing electric-arc furnace (EAF). The electric steel plant was also equipped with a new twin-ladle furnace, a new material-handling system and related auxiliary equipment. The upgrade has increased the plant’s overall annual production capacity of special rolled end products. End-to-end automation and the use of robot systems increase productivity and reliability, optimize workflows in the steelworks and reduce operating costs. The robotic systems also improve worker safety by performing potentially dangerous tasks, such as taking temperatures and samples.

London-based Primetals Technologies was responsible for engineering and supplying the process equipment for the EAF, the 110-metric-ton twin-ladle furnace, the material-handling system, auxiliary equipment and the structural steel work. The company also supervised the construction and commissioning of all installations. Primetals Technologies integrated the material-handling system in accordance with the requirements of the existing plant.