Novelis Inc. broke ground on a $50 million recycling center in South Korea. With an annual casting capacity of 100 kilotonnes of low-carbon sheet ingot, the facility is expected to reduce the company’s carbon emissions by more than 420,000 tons each year. The recycling center is being built by Ulsan Aluminum, Novelis’ joint venture with Kobe Steel. It is expected to come online in 2024. Novelis is building the new recycling center to meet the long-term global demand for sustainable, low-carbon aluminum sheet for can, automotive and high-end specialty products. The facility will allow the Atlanta-based company to increase its recycling capacity by more than 20% to 440 kilotonnes in Korea and to enhance its capability to process different types of aluminum scrap.

Using recycled aluminum as an input material saves 95% of the energy used to produce primary aluminum from bauxite, thus reducing the carbon emissions by 95%. In addition, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, making it increasingly important as a sustainable material choice. Novelis recycles 82 billion used beverage cans a year.