Steel Dynamics Inc. selected Columbus, Miss., as the location for its previously announced recycled aluminum flat-rolled mill. Columbus is strategically located within the targeted Southeast market, bringing numerous competitive customer, recycled-material and renewable-energy advantages to the project. The planned $1.9 billion aluminum flat-rolled mill is designed to have an annual production capacity of 650,000 metric tons of finished products. The product offering will be supported by various value-added finishing lines, including CASH (continuous annealing solutions heat treating) lines, continuous coating, and s slitting and packaging operations. The rolling mill is currently expected to begin operations in mid-2025.

In related news, Steel Dynamics chose Columbus, Miss., as the location for the initial SDI Biocarbon Solutions biocarbon production operations, a joint venture between the company and Aymium. The site is strategically located in close proximity to one of the company’s largest electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel mills, which will consume a significant portion of the biocarbon as a replacement for anthracite.