SECO/WARWICK is scheduled to deliver two controlled-atmosphere brazing (CAB) lines and one universal chamber furnace for aluminum brazing to a manufacturer of diesel engine components. The CAB lines will enable the company to win more contracts for brazing large battery coolers. One of the systems will incorporate a furnace equipped with a 90.5-inch-wide (2,300-mm-wide) conveyor belt for large-dimension battery coolers. It is the widest CAB line sold to date by SECO/WARWICK in China. The CAB lines consist of a radiation preheating chamber, radiation brazing furnace, cooling chamber with an air jacket, final cooling chamber and control system. The universal chamber furnace provides brazing for low-scale production. This type of furnace is designed to braze a variety of heat exchangers in horizontal or vertical positions.

Radiation CAB furnaces are suited for brazing products of similar size and features in a continuous-flow environment. The temperature distribution is uniform throughout the length of the belt thanks to several independent heating zones. According to SECO/WARWICK, this type of equipment provides high efficiency and low consumption of nitrogen atmosphere as well as lower maintenance requirements when compared to other CAB solutions.