SMS group has been selected to provide a range of technology and equipment for the H2 Green Steel project in Sweden. SMS group will supply process equipment from ironmaking to the finished steel products of the world’s first industrial-scale steel plant based on hydrogen and electricity from renewable sources. The German company will, together with Paul Wurth and its consortium partner Midrex, provide an EAF-based melt shop, a direct reduction plant, a casting and hot-rolling plant, and a cold-rolling and processing complex for the production of a product mix including advanced high-strength steel and automotive steel grades. Leading car manufacturers have already signed agreements with H2 Green Steel for the supply of green, high-quality steel.

The H2 Green Steel site will be located on a greenfield area in Boden in the Swedish Norbotten region. The plant is expected to produce green steel by 2025 and ramp up volumes in 2026. 

‟Our aim at H2 Green Steel is nothing less than to pioneer an industrial revolution in the steel industry,” said Maria Persson Gulda, CTO of H2 Green Steel. “We want to use existing technology, modify it and integrate it in a different way to make green steel a reality today, not in the distant future. We have jointly designed the plant to make a significant CO2reduction throughout the whole steel plant in a way that will set our steel plant apart from others in the market.”