The U.S. Army is continuing to modernize its heavy-lift helicopter fleet with an order for two more Boeing CH-47F Block II Chinooks. The enhanced helicopter includes redesigned fuel tanks, a strengthened fuselage and an enhanced drivetrain. 

The Army awarded Boeing a $136 million contract last year for the first four CH-47F Block II aircraft, which began production in April 2022. This order, valued at $63 million, brings the total number of aircraft under contract to six. Boeing’s H-47 Chinook Block II expands upon 60 years of partnership with the U.S. Army. During that time, Boeing has delivered over 1,000 Chinooks to the U.S. Army, continuously modernizing the helicopter to meet evolving needs. The U.S. Army relies on the Chinook for its multi-mission capabilities, including equipment and troop transport, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.