Flash Steelworks Inc. broke ground on a new steel manufacturing facility in Middlesboro, Ky. The company will invest $12.1 million over the next 15 years and create 250 full-time jobs, 100 of which are expected to be created in the next three years. Flash Steelworks is a private steel manufacturer that uses a specialized electronic/thermal process to produce blast-resistant, yet lightweight, military-grade plate steel. The company has a contract with the Department of Defense to produce armor for the U.S. military.

“Flash Steelworks is very pleased to team with everyone in the State of Kentucky to produce a world-class armor plate to protect those in harm’s way,” said Gary Cola Jr., founder and chief technology officer at Flash Steelworks. “Starting in Middlesboro, we will deploy leading-edge advanced steel technology and products in what is planned to be a regional industrial hub.”