P.W.P.T. Posteor purchased a turnkey nitriding system from Nitrex for its manufacturing plant in Elbląg, Poland. The company previously outsourced the nitriding of stainless steel power-generation parts to a commercial heat treater before deciding to move this part of the operation in-house and manage its production independently. The pit-type furnace will be used for nitriding steam turbine components made of ST12T stainless steel.

The furnace is equipped with all available technologies for NITREG nitriding, NITREG-C nitrocarburizing and ONC in-process oxidation. It also complies with AMS 2750F, AMS 2759/6, ASM 2759/10 and AMS 2759/12. According to Nitrex, the turnkey system also includes remote access software, an INS neutralizer for a clean and environment-friendly process and a custom HMI for the end user.