SECO/WARWICK Group signed an agreement with Sweden’s GreenIron H2 AB for the delivery of a series of furnaces for fossil-free metal production from ore, residuals and waste recycling. The furnaces ordered by GreenIron will be used to recycle oxidized metals without emissions. They will directly contribute to CO₂ emission reduction. Each furnace has the capacity to reduce emissions by 56,000 metric tons/year, according to GreenIron.

The furnaces in the production line are manufactured in cooperation with GreenIron and have not been available on the market thus far. According to SECO/WARWICK, they contribute to carbon dioxide reduction and reduce the costs of recycling post-production residuals and waste. The metals are extracted from ore or recycled without the release of fossil gases. Iron oxide (magnetite, hematite, wustite) is converted to pure iron by the hydrogen reduction process. In traditional technology, this process takes place in coke furnaces, which results in CO₂ emissions. In the GreenIron furnaces, CO₂ emissions are zero. 

“It is an opportunity for SECO/WARWICK, because together with GreenIron we are creating a production line of completely new furnaces. For the first time, we are working closely with an external partner with technology that comes from outside of our organization. Our task in the project is to build effective solutions and deliver them on time,” said Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of SECO/WARWICK Group.