The VARODRY VDi vacuum system is designed for heat-treatment, coating and drying processes. The systems consist of the air-cooled, oil-free VARODRY screw pumps, the dry-compressing Roots pumps of the RUVAC series and the VAControl CAB control for smart management of all pump processes. The VDi system can be configured by the operator according to the process requirements. This allows users to set their own vacuum capacities as needed to match the pump-down process and the pumping speed. To protect against critical gases and particles, the VARODRY VDi vacuum system can be equipped with gas ballast and purge gas. This increases service life and system availability. The integrated VAControl CAB control system, with its smart software functions, allows processes to be controlled and optimized in a user-friendly way. VARODRY VDi is suited for use in heat-treatment furnaces to improve the material properties of metals, composite applications where the resin is degassed and cryogenic pump regeneration.