The EcoFornax SLEx is a low-NOx burner solution for process heating and oxidation applications. Incorporating innovative air/fuel mixing technology, it is engineered to deliver a stable, compact, medium-velocity flame with low-NOx emissions. The single air and gas connections are designed to make burner installation and tuning easy. The EcoFornax SLEx has been implemented and proven in industry applications such as regenerative thermal oxidizers, air heaters, process heaters and aluminum homogenizers. It has seven burner sizes, covering a large range of capacities that extend from 0.6 to 18.6 MMBtu/h HHV, operating at nominal 40% excess air. At design capacity, the burner can operate across a ratio range from 20% excess fuel to 90% excess air, with a more expansive range at lower capacities. Its versatility and compatibility with hard refractory or fiber-wall-lined furnaces, makes the EcoFornax SLEx a simple and sustainable solution for process heating systems.