Model PSC-GRF11N is a fiber-optic two-color pyrometer designed for industrial automation and research-and-development applications. Four temperature ranges are offered: 300-1100°C (572-2012°F), 350-1300°C (662-23712°F), 400-1600°C (752-2912°F) and 500-2300°C (932-4172°F). The pyrometer operates in ambient temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and is immune to high magnetic frequencies encountered in manufacturing facilities. Independent of emissivity and spanning a range of industrial applications – including induction heating, heat treating, steel, composites and ceramics –  the fast 5ms response time is ideal for quick measurement processes. A selection of variable-focus fiber-optic lenses provides small spot sizes from 0.7 mm in diameter. The non-contact infrared temperature sensor uses an integrated laser that provides precision aiming onto the center of the target. The linear temperature output signal of 4-20 mA simplifies installation into existing measurement and control systems.