Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, manufactures products that are vital to customers’ harshest measurement and mission-critical sensing applications.

The energy technology company supplies harsh-environment flame sensors for industrial burners that are certified for use in Zone 1 or Zone locations. These sensors are designed to produce maximum efficiency and safety for the process heating and combustion market. In fact, Reuter-Stokes’ flame sensors have been proven under extreme use as standard components on the world’s largest fleet of heavy-duty gas turbines used for power generation.

The Twinsburg, Ohio-based company brings more than reliable products to the table. The company is dedicated to advancing the industry. Reuter-Stokes’ goal is to play a vital role in helping customers build safer and smarter applications, and they’re positioned well to do so. From its beginnings as a GE company, Reuter-Stokes has been a pioneer in its product lines, technologies and applications. The company now bring more than six decades of expertise to the research, development, manufacture and installation of industry-leading energy technology solutions, ranging from flame sensing to radiation monitoring and from nuclear power-plant instrumentation to downhole navigation for oil-and-gas drilling.

As part of its ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, this newest IHEA member is committed to maintaining ISO9001:2015 with Design and AS9100:2016 with Design certifications.  

From cultivating the next generation of engineers to supporting the next generation of industrial heat-ing equipment, Reuter-Stokes invests intentionally in the future of its field. The company is committed to serving the heat-processing industry and is excited to partner with IHEA to further the association’s mission.  

Visitwww.reuter-stokes.comto learn more about Reuter-Stokes.

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IHEA’s Combustion Seminar and Safety Standards and Codes Seminar

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IHEA’s Combustion Seminar and Safety Standards and Codes Seminar s

IHEA’s Combustion Seminar and Safety Standards and Codes Seminar will be held October 3-4 in In-dianapolis, Ind. The concurrent technical seminars will be held on Monday and Tuesday at the Indiana Convention Center.

The schedule provides attendees the benefit of expanding their technical knowledge and allows time to visit with IHEA members and companies represented by seminar speakers.

IHEA’s Combustion Seminar will provide attendees with updated and relevant information from experts in combustion technologies. It is designed for those responsible for the operation, design, selection and/or maintenance of fuel-fired industrial furnaces and ovens.

IHEA’s Safety Standards and Codes Seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of the NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces. This is the first opportunity for attendees to learn about the most recent updates to the standard.

Visit to register.

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