United States Steel Corp., Equinor US Holdings Inc. and Shell US Gas & Power LLC entered into a non-exclusive cooperation agreement to advance a collaborative clean energy hub in the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania region. The hub would focus on decarbonization opportunities that feature carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), as well as hydrogen production and utilization. The development of this hub and its associated infrastructure would generate new jobs, stimulate economic growth and help achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions.

The regional CCUS and hydrogen hub aligns with both the United States’ and project partners’ ambitions to realize net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To support its development, Equinor and Shell will jointly apply for Department of Energy funding designated for the creation of regional clean energy hubs. U.S. Steel is evaluating the role it may play in the hub, including as a potential funding participant, customer, supplier or partner.

With an abundance of low-carbon gas, a robust industrial sector and a skilled workforce, the tri-state region is an optimal location for a potential hub. Equinor and Shell are uniquely positioned to help develop a clean energy hub in the region with each having several operational projects, and U.S. Steel is a leader in the energy-efficient production of steel.