Williams Industrial Service is a single-source supplier for all your heat-treating needs. We produce all of the equipment that you require in-house. Our specially designed 57,000-square-foot facility allows us to build your heat-processing system from the pit up. This provides us the ability to control engineering standards and all aspects of construction for a timely delivery of your system.

Our customers are welcome to see the equipment while under construction, in the same configuration that it will be placed in their own facility. We can simulate the customer’s facility to ensure proper field installation.

The unique, company-owned facility was designed by our engineers to accommodate the construction of the heavy structural systems that we build. Williams Industrial Service provides top-quality fabricating equipment to our personnel to ensure they are working efficiently and saving you money.

Teaming with our customers results in successful installations that exceed the most demanding industry requirements. Many innovations by Williams Industrial Service in loading methods, quenching options, zone control, air distribution and energy efficiency have been field-tested with excellent results.

We build heat-treating systems, and we build relationships. Our customer service emphasizes sharing of information, cooperation, responsiveness and maintaining on-time delivery schedules.

No matter what your specific heat-treating needs are, Williams Industrial Service is ready to be part of your team. Contact us at 419-353-2120 for custom equipment at standard prices.

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