Wisconsin Oven offers high-quality heat-treat ovens and furnaces, with standard temperature ratings of 500°F, 650°F, 800°F, 1000°F, 1250°F and 1400°F. They can be heated by gas (direct or indirect), electric and steam. Typical applications include aging, tempering, annealing, stress relieving and solution heat treating.

Equipment is available in either batch or continuous designs. Continuous heat-treating equipment can be designed as belt conveyors, overhead trolleys, Ferris Wheels or carrousels, to name a few. Custom equipment is designed around the customer’s specific process requirements. Products processed include door hardware, wood products, fasteners, aerospace and automotive components, caskets, vehicle frames, decorative metals, military items and the list goes on and on…

Equipment is completely factory assembled and tested prior to shipment. Turnkey installations, start-up service, spare parts and PM programs are also available through our Service department, service@wisoven.com.

Please contact us for any of your heat-processing requirements by phone at 262-642-3938, by fax at 262-363-4018 or by email at sales@wisoven.com.


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