Solar Manufacturing is constantly looking for ways to improve furnace performance and create outstanding value for commercial and captive heat treaters. Together with Solar Atmospheres, our affiliate company and largest privately held commercial vacuum heat treater in North America, we offer unique solutions and cutting-edge thermal-processing technology.

Solar Manufacturing designs a wide range of furnace models and sizes. Although we are well known for our large vacuum car-bottom furnaces, we also offer the Mentor®, which is our highly successful compact, efficient and economical furnace. Even though the Mentor is the smallest furnace, our customers can be assured that its high-performance features are equal to that of our larger-capacity furnaces.

Demand grew rapidly for the compact Mentor after its introduction for processing developmental and smaller production workloads. Solar Manufacturing saw an opportunity to expand the Mentor model concept and launched the Mentor Pro as an extension to our product line.

The Mentor Pro is unique in that it offers the same best-in-class quality and ruggedness of our larger production furnaces but in a compact design. The Mentor Pro is mounted on a portable platform for ease of shipment and maneuverability. It is the smallest overall footprint for the given workzone volume. Other standard features include feature-rich SolarVac® automation and controls, enhanced temperature uniformity with distinct three-zone digital trimming controls, two-gas backfill and three-gas partial pressure, a variable-frequency drive, and a single power drop for the customer. We also offer an optional molybdenum-shielded hot zone for the processing of reactive materials where contamination may present a concern.

All Solar Manufacturing furnaces are designed for long life, easy maintenance and minimal downtime. Customers can expect each furnace to be fully tested prior to shipment, and a Factory Service Engineer will start up and test the furnace after installation to assure a smooth transition to full production. All new furnaces come with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

Solar Manufacturing strives to advance the science of vacuum furnace technology for a wide range of vacuum heat-treating processes. We offer unmatched expertise and assistance in choosing the right vacuum furnace or replacement hot zone specifically for your needs.

Give us a call to learn how our ingenuity works for you.