We manufacture and offer standard and custom SCR controllers, heating elements, AC to DC rectifiers, transformers and complete engineered control solutions for many applications. Product lines include phase angle and zero fired SCR controllers, 6 and 12 pulse DC rectifiers for both high and low voltage loads, variable reactance transformers (VRTs), custom step-up or step-down load matching transformers, chokes and saturable core reactors.

Units are offered in air, water cooled, dry and oil. Control schemes include voltage regulated, voltage regulated with current limit or straight current control. Capabilities range from a few VA to 5 MVA, 1 to 10,000 amps and 1 to 50,000 volts. Types of loads include: resistive, variable resistive, transformer coupled, inductive and more.

Our units power the most stubborn loads in the harshest environments. Call us today for unbeatable price and delivery at 800-318-0048. “We answer when others don’t!”

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