Established in 1964, CAN-ENG has grown to become a leading global designer and manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment for ferrous and nonferrous metals. For almost 60 years, CAN-ENG’s furnace designs have served commercial and captive heat treaters; stamping and fastener companies; automotive component producers; the iron and steel industries; aluminum foundries; and agricultural, construction and appliance manufacturers. CAN-ENG produces high-volume, large-capacity automated continuous and batch industrial thermal-processing and heat-treating technology:

  • Aluminum automotive lightweight and high-pressure diecast low-distortion-control heat-treatment systems
  • Safety-critical automotive fastener and high-volume component mesh-belt heat-treatment systems
  • Salt quench mesh-belt heat-treatment systems for austemper processing
  • Plate, API tube, bar quench and temper systems
  • Steel plant heat-processing and treatment systems
  • Aluminum and steel forge and foundry heat-processing and heat-treatment systems (anneal, solution, normalize, isothermal, precipitation, quench and harden treatments)
  • Automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, energy sector heat-processing and treatment systems