ALD Vacuum Technologies North America Inc. supplies vacuum heat-treatment and vacuum metallurgy equipment – including EB PVD and CVD coating equipment, furnaces, parts and services – to the automotive, aerospace and critical-materials industries. Our engineering expertise includes vacuum process technology and know-how to design customized solutions for those applications.

ALD’s vacuum heat-treatment processes are used whenever high-performance properties are required for tools, transmissions, precision engine parts and fuel-injection system components, especially for components where minimal distortion and maximum quality and throughput are required.

ALD’s vacuum metallurgy includes vacuum processes for treating molten metals such as refining and remelting, casting, metal powder technology, and specialized coating technologies for high-temperature turbine components. ALD’s reputation derives from the application of our extensive expertise, long-term investments in research and development, along with close cooperation with well-known manufacturers, which has led to high-quality systems tailored to meet ever-increasing demands.