Ajax designs and manufactures salt bath furnace equipment, including quenches, hoists and work handling systems used in the heat-treating industry. With over 60 years of thermal-processing experience, our customers include aerospace, agricultural, commercial heat treating, energy, glass strengthening, medical, dental and many more.

Some types of heat treating our products are capable of include annealing, austempering, martempering, dip brazing, nitriding and descaling. Our metal pot furnaces with immersion heaters are used for tempering steel, shape setting of nickel-titanium memory wire and solution heat treating of aluminum.

Ajax prides itself in taking a design concept from drawings to the manufacturing floor. We can address most customer’s needs and expectations since we have weathered the ups and downs of thermal processing for many years. We also have a complete line of spare parts, including heaters, thermocouples and electrodes and can address your furnace-related needs for many years to come.