A supplier of agricultural and lawn equipment based in the Midwest purchased a complete batch austemper facility from AFC-Holcroft. The complete line consists of two AFC-Holcroft UBQA (universal batch quench-austemper) units along with ancillary equipment including pre-treatment spray dunk wash and post-treatment multi-stage washer, preheat temper furnaces, salt reclaiming system and salt holding tank. An AFC-Holcroft EZ 4500 endothermic gas generator was also purchased to provide endo gas to the furnace units.

The system includes a BatchMaster supervisory control system and AFC-Holcroft’s patent-pending Calibration Mode diagnostics software and Maintenance Module software, which comes pre-loaded with recommended maintenance tasks designed for easy access through the HMI touchscreen.

According to AFC-Holcroft, the systems provide positive environmental impact and superior metallurgical results and distortion control.